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Importance of mobile Menus & how you can architect your own menus using QR2Z.com platform.

1/28/20234 min read

A little background about digital menus.

  • Digital/Mobile/QR menus received a large scale adoption after people started to go back to hotels, resorts. It was purely based out of fear and to keep the businesses running safely respecting COVID safety guidelines.

  • In the post pandemic world, there is a downtrend in usage of mobile/QR menu as people used it only for contact-less reasons. Customers HATE QR menus, not just because they hate looking at QR codes BUT for a wide and complex range of reasons.

Make the most out it, धन्यवाद 🙌

There are gaps in how brands perceive digital MENUs & how customers really wish it be. It needs to:

  • be real user friendly.

  • optional to traditional Print format as a personal preference.

  • refrain from asking them personal info/questions just to order a coffee.

  • have FLAT learning curve (need ZERO learning efforts)

  • be supplementary to humans instead of replacing the most important element of hospitality.

  • avoid un-necessary restrictions.

Why do I anyways need Digital Menus?

Short answer: We live in a digital era. Let’s look in detail how it affects your business and consumer satisfaction:

  • I was searching for an experienced doctor on internet. I came to know about this doctor on google and then I went at his office after researching. I call this process of brand research done by consumers online as BRAND DISCOVERY.

  • I saw he had a great social presence on Youtube and Linkedin. He shares some informative videos on those channels. However, this information was shared on bulletin board which had list of long URLs. Typing an URL in mobile browser by reading from a physical paper is a hard experience. This is where I adore the invention of QR code by Denso Wave. I call this as EASE OF ENTRY. Digital business visiting cards do the same thing for you. This is also why people used digital menu mostly for CONTACT-less reasons.

  • People avoid going to offline business outlets directly because they are not aware of the charges and services that they provide in a specific location. I call this PRICING ACCESSIBILITY. Giving an updated and upfront price list will always bring you more customers. Don’t forcefully price things which are hard to price, but always try to keep simple things simple. People value that a lot. It help consumers in making decision faster.

  • Let say you have a complex business which has multiple lines of products/services like a resort offering room, spa, restaurant and bar service. In that case your menus should be accessible easily and visible to your customers from a single touchpoint. I call this DISCOVERY HUB. With discovery hub you will always save your time to point customers into different directions.

  • A user might want to access you map location/address/contact person details for some valid reason. This information should also be on their finger tip in the same menu. I call this CONVENIENCE CORNER.

  • Majority time of your business reps go in explaining the items, availability and questions which can be answered once in for all customers digitally in a near realtime fashion. This helps your people to focus on the actual hospitality functions like delivering the accurate order and serve on time. This also improves the work life of your reps hence improving quality of service. I call this ROGER THAT SERVICE.

Architecting menus in QR2Z.com control centre:

QR2Z provides you with a control centre that you can access by signing up. This control centre needs to be operated from Desktop/Laptop which looks as shown below:

How to prepare your data

  • Create a list of categories for menu items like BURGER, VEGAN, DIABETIC FRIENDLY, X% DISCOUNT etc. While building these categories keep a consideration in mind that you can assign upto 5 categories per item. QR2Z menu is a 50 items short and simple menu. Incase you have larger menus its recommended to split them into logical sub menus like Cafeteria, Bar, etc. which helps your consumers make decision faster.

  • Prepare a list of following item details:

    • Item Name

    • Short Description

    • Price (Inclusive tax recommended)

    • Time (Could be time to prepare/serve or Time of service incase its a time based service like consulting)

    • Type of item (Veg Food, Non-Veg Food, Cold Beverage, General Service, etc.)

    • Item Picture.

  • Every image/picture file you upload to QR2Z has to be a PNG file which is less than 500kb each in size. Landscape mode recommended. Also, try to click pictures in a way that when all items are stacked in the menu will convey your brand story accurately. You can prepare these files on photos editing apps like CANVA.

  • If you are signing up for first time you will also need your brand LOGO and BRANCH picture file of each branch.

  • Building this information in QR2Z initially would take a good time. as said earlier its not just about feeding items into the system but architecting your menu experience for consumers.

  • You don’t need to recreate items again even if you want to create same menu for another branch. You can instead clone an existing menu in few seconds along with the items, their respective pictures and categories assigned in a single button click. NO REPEAT WORK! Just get the first steps right.
    NOTE: If its your first menu after signing up, your 15 days FREE trial is already activated i.e. your menu is published live on creating same. Use it wisely to start collecting initial consumer feedbacks and start experiencing the benefits.

  • Once you are ready with the MENU, you can also download the QR PDF of the MENU using QR PREVIEW action and get it printed from a trusted service like vistaprint.
    NOTE: Incase there is big change in your menu, its highly recommended to print few physical copies of the MENU using the A4 PDF view action provided in the control centre. Some people will always need paper menus for various legit reasons.

  • While this is just a quick starter, if you have any doubts/feedbacks/troubles, never hesitate to reach out QR2Z support email.

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