5 suggestions to enhance Email2Case usage

Service Cloud Email2Case implementation tips.

7/26/20221 min read

Salesforce Email2Case:

Salesforce Email2Case
Salesforce Email2Case

5 points:

  1. Even if you are a multi-org business, you should try to implement a single support/help email address for your customers (1 per Org at minimum if you have multiple business processes implemented across Orgs). This is to ensure you don't add confusion in the Org, build trust and hence the Customer satisfaction.

  2. Use the latest Email-Header based threading if you are not already using it for better interaction tracking under Case Feeds.

  3. Make sure Service Representatives always use editable Email templates to interact with Customer. Keep these Email templates Lightweight, Simple with Consistent Branding.

  4. Keep overall email interactions simple, short and hence - effective.

  5. If your email support is experiencing heavy interactions along with exchange of too much files, consider enhancing the customer experience by implementing a self service customer digital experience and use experience URLs in emails to keep the email interactions short, simple, consistent and effective.

  6. BONUS point: Instead of trying to track the interactions everywhere using heavy customisations, work on Service Representative Trainings for efficient adoption of Out-Of-Box features. In long run this will improve speed & quality of case resolutions.

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