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Empathy Drives Everything!

4/13/20223 min read

The problem

People management is often seen as a hard task. Especially these days organisations are experimenting a lot to make every possible attempt to keep their good employees happy: One-to-One meetings, Skip Level Meetings, Weekly Meetings, Quarterly Meetings, Fun Friday, Cultural events, Rewards, Awards, Appreciations, Promotions etc. But wait, why are Employees still unhappy and they tend to resign unexpectedly.

In order to solve this we need to think of this issue as a human. Every human in his/her own bubble has some emotions that he/she picks based on circumstances in their daily life. Though you provide a 'culture' in your work environments it won't have the same impact as it doesn't accounts for an employee's current emotions. While, One-to-One meetings, Quarterly meetings, etc. are an effective ways to troubleshoot these issues at some extent, people do not put up their problems for many known and unknown reasons: Introverted Nature, Health Reasons, Life Goals, Family reasons, Financial reasons, Fear of seniors, Fear of loosing the job, Personal reasons etc.


Empathy Driven Solution Design is an approach that I have realised after almost a year of brainstorming which can be applied as a holistic approach to any algorithm that interacts with large set of humans. To create a software, process or even manage organisations. Close to design thinking and User centred development approach. While leaders try to create many feedback loops between the Employees and Organisation, many of those attempts tend they to fail since they are time bound, require face to face interaction, lack of emotional intelligence, can require argument with other fellow members which create the 'pointing finger' problem adding more time wastage. Employees are important for continuous growth of the brand as they spend most of their time with the Organisation setups - people/process/tools & often times they have really great ideas that can add lot to the organisations value. Currently, these ideas go waste as social jokes and cafeteria discussions.

"Some people just get it, when it comes to people!"

To handle it you will have to put Empathy into practice. A small glimpse of how some great leaders put Empathy into practice. Thoughts of a person next is one who founded a wine brand named Empathy.

Introducing - Empathy App

Empathy App is an app developed on top of Salesforce platform to let Employees express their emotions with their organisation in simplest and most secure way which helps drive your organisation with Empathy. It takes the 5 most important human emotions into account: HAPPY, SAD, FEAR, SICK, ANGRY. While this is just an extra tool that can help you drive Empathy within the Organisation, its really important to you as an Organisation to put forward the intent to drive your Organisation with Empathy (without cheating). Congratulations, Organisations don't have to schedule a meeting OR follow their Employees socially to understand them.

App Usage Journey:

  • Install the app

  • Make sure Emotion is Private in Org-Wide setup.

  • Assign the Emotionally intelligent people in your organisation - 'Empathy Mentor' permission set. They can see all emotions running within your organisation realtime. This can be part of HR team or Independent team that are responsible for taking important calls around employee activities that helps improvise the emotional health of overall organisation.

  • Assign Every employee 'Empathy Employee' permission set. Employee with permission can use the 'Empathy' global action in their Salesforce login that enables them to express their feelings which are only be visible to Empathy Mentors of the Organisation. I also call these Empathy Mentors as Emotional Ninja Committee.

  • Based on these Emotions, the Emotional Ninja Committee can drive real-time, monthly, quarterly and yearly decisions to improvise the emotional health of organisation and understand. Moreover this helps you recognise each employee as a different human.

Significance of emotional insights.

  • Can help you create health plans, goals, activities based on employees sickness reports as well as mitigate health risk to other employees in office setup from sick employees.

  • Helps you improvise/create/deprecate business tools/processes based on ideas/complains expressed by employee to help them work hassle free & improve employee efficiency.

  • HR decisions to help employee reach their life goals along with the organisational goals.

  • Identify toxic leadership and mitigate such risks that can affect the organisational culture at scale.

  • Identify any kind of Employee ill-treatment of misbehaviour more accurately.

  • Navigate other key decisions around the Organisation that can help actual overall growth of the organisation.

  • Help you identify more celebration moments within the Organisation to add more cakes to history of your organisation.

Time for App Demo

Get the app from here.

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