Salesforce Enhanced CMS Workspaces

Product overview.

8/16/20222 min read

What is CMS?

To keep your audiences (customers, community, prospects, partners) aware, happy and engaged with your business, businesses need to create Contents. Contents like:

  • FAQs

  • New Product Display

  • Offers

  • Blogs

  • Interviews

  • Keynotes

  • How-To Articles, etc.

To manage such contents (writing/creating drafts, planning calendar for publishing/un-publishing) businesses use solutions called as Content Management Systems. While there exist many flavours of CMS systems like wordpress, django-CMS etc., Salesforce also have a product offering called as Salesforce CMS to allow their users to help them manage CMS contents right within Salesforce. Moreover, it's a hybrid CMS, which means you can have your existing CMS contents connected in Salesforce CMS. Read more about Salesforce CMS HERE.

Enhanced CMS Workspaces

Enhanced CMS Workspaces provides a more clean UI to create and publish contents. Let's understand this part in detail. Workspace is just a CMS content container to manage the CMS contents across channels and assign contributors for a set of contents. Enhanced CMS Workspaces are supported only in LWR Experience Sites.

LWR (lightning web runtime) sites: are Experience Cloud site templates that are build on top of LWR (Node.js runtime) along with Web component standards to provide pixel perfect designs and more performance benefits than the traditional Experience Cloud sites. You can also spin up a site using Node.js LWR package and host it as per your own convinience. With LWR site templates you don't have to look after the hosting part.

Important notes:

  • You can create and use LWC (lightning web components) in a LWR sites. Salesforce provides a 'build your own (LWR)' site template which has components to create sites like columns layout component, text blocks, search bar, search results layout, Rich Content Editor component. Most components accept data binding to CMS contents.

  • Enhanced CMS workspace and 'Build Your Own LWR' site template is in BETA stage. (Don't make purchase decisions based on this features).

What are key differences?

  • Publication Calendar/Import/Export/Languages feature seems to be missing in Enhanced Workspaces.

  • Enhanced Content Builder Screen, provides the publish and unpublish options with more real estate to concentrate on the core content building function.

  • Being used with LWR sites, LWR sites have flexible URL formats over the traditional experience cloud site with '/s' appended in the end. (Note: In this demo below, Content search was not enabled in the content channel settings hence the search showed No results for the Aura Experience site).

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