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Quick look from a Business Standpoint

11/10/20211 min read

We live in a world of Experiences. Experience of Products you buy, Experience of places you visit, Experience of working with an Organization, Experience of eating good food, Experience of medical care, Experience of Gaming on Mobile, Experience of Listening to Music, the list goes on. What If someone tells you that once you buy my product/service or join my organistion, I will not provide you any assistance/help. Will you Visit that Place? Will you still work there? Eat that Food? Play that Game? Listen to that Music? This document should bring value to your business if your answer is a confident 'NO'. While there are many ways to solve this requirement, one such solution I know works for Enterprises is Salesforce Experience Cloud.

Let's Dive In 😎

  • Salesforce experience cloud is one of the offerings from its Customer 360 product stack which helps you build a trusted relationship with your Customers, deliver to their expectations and grow your business.

  • Experience Cloud lets you build branded Web Experiences where your Customers can get connected with you as a family in the simplest way to say.

  • Technically there are many things that can be done in it like ( Chat, Self Service, Knowledge Articles, Raise Complaints, Create Orders, Submit Feedbacks, Access their Information, etc. )

  • If you use Salesforce Sales Cloud / Service Cloud for your business, Experience cloud sites work seamlessly with the data you already have.

  • Experience cloud also reduces the communication gaps with your customers compared to traditional email/call-based follow-ups hence increasing customer satisfaction.

  • Building an Experience Cloud setup also helps you retain your customers & improve your product/service offerings through feedbacks.

  • Experience Cloud also supports other business use cases like Setting up B2B and B2C commerce shop OR getting a field request if you use those Salesforce products.

  • The User Experience and User Interface provided by Experience Cloud is simple to use and no needs of user training, which you can further customize to your own functional and brand needs. The standard prebuilt templates are faster than earlier ones and can be accessed on mobile as well.

Interesting Experience Cloud User I know while I am writing this document:

I have picked one of my most favorite, even I am their Customer. World's one of the largest live streaming platforms 'TWITCH' uses Experience cloud to help their users. Quickly googled, they currently have more than 8 million creators. ( Source: TwitchTracker.com )

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