My favorite Summer '23 Salesforce enhancements

Explore my handpicked selection of the improvements from Summer '23 Salesforce release. Join me as I unveil the features that promise to elevate your Salesforce overall experience.

5/31/20232 min read

Let's dive in right away:

  1. Overall colour contrast change of pages. This change provides a great comfort to eyes while looking at complex regions of screen like Lookup box, tab sets, page actions compared to previous one for a long session.

  2. Undo Field Changes - It's great but what's more interesting here is this improvement:

    1. For normal layouts, if you are editing a field in inline mode, and at same time you click on EDIT action and then save a change, the new data get's reflected on the already opened inline form under details tab.

    2. If same thing is done with Dynamic Forms enabled on your page, click on Edit Action will not open the action directly instead will ask you to continue/discard/save the current inline form changes first. This removes some critical experience confusions around dynamic forms that I have been listening recently.

  3. I felt some performance improvement made in page and related list view load performance for standard objects in pre-release Org but I am sure this will make a more bigger difference when users will start using it on Production with a good amount of data. As per the release documentation now over a 1000 objects use LWC based Pages which is a great performance improvement.

  4. Salesforce Connect for GraphQL is a great value addition for Organisations using GraphQL APIs. For example, now you can access AWS RDS data by using AWS AppSync which enables you to expose RDS data via GraphQL endpoints within Salesforce.

  5. Enabling Field Level Security via Permission Sets is a great improvement especially from CI/CD and Agile point of view. Managing things from profiles was a tedious process earlier.

  6. Dynamic Forms are coming to Salesforce Mobile experience (BETA).

  7. Align Fields Horizontally is something that one might see as a small change, BUT it adds a great value to user experience especially when you have too many long text, address, image type of fields on the layout that affect the field hierarchy on the lightning page UI.

  8. If your Org relies a lot on Lighting App Page based Customisations it didn't supported Accordion and Tab Set component earlier. Now you can use them both for refining your layout. I see this too as a great experience improvement. This brings more consistency to the overall experience and you can focus more on the core business components than the layout components.

  9. Mass record update action will now be available on Related List as a BETA release. Right time to make sure you record triggered automations are properly bulkified.

  10. RefreshView api was a must for LWC to refresh and sync component data without page refresh and now its generally available.

  11. If you are using REST/SOAP to make SOQL queries, then you are now allowed to make SOQL query for upto 5 levels deep parent-child relationship. More data for integrations!

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